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Kamen Rider Geats: DX Laser Raise Riser

Kamen Rider Geats: DX Laser Raise Riser

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From "Kamen Rider Geats", "DX Laser Raise Riser" is now available!

When you set the Gene raise riser card to the laser raise riser, the transformation standby sound will be activated! When you pull the trigger, the LED emits light, and the transformation sound is activated! You can enjoy playing as a transformation to Kamen Rider Gene.

When you operate the lever, the special move standby sound is activated; when you pull the trigger, the LED emits light, and the special move sound is activated!

Also, when you use the lever twice, the standby sound will be activated, and when you pull the trigger, the LED will emit light, and the support sound-effect will be activated!

You can enjoy the transformation to Kamen Rider Veloba with the included Veloba Reiser Card.

By setting the Kekera Rays Riser Card and the Kyun Riser Card, sold separately, you can also transform into Kamen Rider Kekera and Kamen Rider Kyun.

In addition, you can set the DX Desire Driver sold separately with the DX Boost Mark II raises buckle (sold separately) and enjoy the transformation into Kamen Rider Gheetz Laser Boost Foam. 

Condition: Brand New
: Bandai 
Date Released: 2022
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Geats
Toy Line: DX Series
Ships via: Airmail Registered, and EMS or DHL


・Laser raise riser ... 1
・Jean raise riser card ... 1
・Bero Barize Riser Card ... 1

Three Cell battery (LR44)  included (The battery set is for testing only)

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