Live Video Channels

Live Streaming Video Programs

  • The Alternative Show (Playlist:
    “CSTOYS’ Alternative Show" is every Saturday, 10 - 12-noon J.S.T. focuses on Toku related Topics, Toy and other demonstration & Chat with Toku friends around the globe.

  • Cstoys Toku Wave LIVE Weekly Radio (Playlist:

    “CSTOYS Toku Wave LIVE” is our weekly LIVE FM Radio Program from Uwajima City airing on every Wednesday (New Airing Schedule from 2020/04/01):

    (1) LIVE Program: 1:00 to 1:55 PM JST.
    (2) Recorded Program: 8:00PM to 8:55 PM JST.

    FM Gaiya's Internet Radio Channel

    This is our weekly public radio show for FM Gaiya 76.9 MHz in Uwajima City bringing you Japanese Tokusatsu related topics both in Japanese and English.

    Radio Host: Masaki Seike a.k.a. Mr.S
    Cohost: Collector Shuki