Uwajima Updates 07: Scars of Typhoon #14 in Uwajima City and Attending Disaster Prevention Workshop

Uwajima Updates 07: Scars of Typhoon #14 in Uwajima City and Attending Disaster Prevention Workshop

Masaki Seike

A weekly segment to update Uwajima City with something new every week. There are three parts in this segment and including:

-Uwajima QuestionsA weekly Text Message Cultural & Communication Exchange segment with Students from Uwajima Minami Secondary School & CSTOYS' worldwide customers.

-Heroes Within: Irregular Video interviews with Uwajima NPO Center, introducing Local Event introductions & activity reports.

-Uwajima Business Updates: An Irregular segment introducing the current state of cross-border EC and Shopify updates for Uwajima people.

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Our Tokusatsu spirit and adventure continue with our new program, "Uwajima World Link," which started on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022.


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