Q: What is the well-known occupation in Japan that you know? あなたが知っている日本の有名な職業は何ですか?

Q: What is the well-known occupation in Japan that you know? あなたが知っている日本の有名な職業は何ですか?

Masaki Seike

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Answer from Nekodragon (Germany) :

Traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The passion and love to detail passed down through generations. That hard work and dedication to the craft is what earns my utmost respect. Whether it be restoring antique treasures of art and history, everyday items from traditional clothing to kitchen knives, or culinary expertise in washoku cuisine or sake brewing.


Answer from Zack Hulse (N/A):

Well for me it is the Sushi Chef seeing as I love Sushi and Japanese food.


Answer from Daniel (N/A):

For me I would go with artist because you would have to not only perfect your art style but you have to perfect your techniques to make your art pieces better over time.


Answer from MoniChan (USA): 

I am from the USA. I think there are many well known Japanese occupations. Of course, the Emperor is very famous, but other roles that come to mind include Traditonal Craftsmen (ikebana, sensu, washi paper, etc), Manga Artist, Sushi Chef, Sumo Wrestler, and so on.



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