Q: What do you like about Tokusatsu? 特撮のどんなところが好きなのですか?

Q: What do you like about Tokusatsu? 特撮のどんなところが好きなのですか?

The Question is from: Shirako 

Answer from Andrew Hager (USA) :

I’m from the United States of America, and besides the action and special effects, I think what I like the most about Tokusatsu shows is how the characters seem to connect with the viewers, depending on their personalities. I like protagonists who you want to root for and watch as they try to reach their goals in life, and villains with complex personalities, the kind of villains you can’t help feeling sorry for. (You can’t go wrong with the classic “good vs evil” concept, though.) Of course, there’s also the interactions with each character and figuring out their dynamics, be they good, evil, or neutral. Lots of things to think about, I know, but depending on how it’s written and executed, character dynamics and development can really help a show stay compelling and entertaining.

私はアメリカ合衆国出身で、アクションと特殊効果に加えて、私が特撮番組で最も気に入っているのは、キャラクターが性格に応じて視聴者とどのようにつながっているように見えるかだと思います。私は、人生の目標を達成しようとする主人公たちと、複雑な個性を持ち、気の毒に思わずにはいられない悪役達が好きです(古典的ですが「善対悪」の対決への期待はずれにはなりませんね。) もちろん、善、悪、中立など、各キャラクターとの相互作用やダイナミクス(振れ幅)もありますね。考えるべきことがたくさんありますが、作品がどのように描かれ、番組内でいかに物語を伝えられるのか? キャラクターのダイナミクスと成長は、番組が魅力的で面白くするには本当に大切です。


Answer from Jack Davis (N/A) :

What I like about Tokusatsu. Well for one Power Rangers was my introduction to the genre, and since then I have collected the toys and watched the shows. My big Tokusatsu favourite is Ultraman. The charm of the giant heroes saving the world from Kaiju and other villains is just something we don't get in the western market.

Answer from LuisKiller73 (France) :

what i love about Tokusatsu and especially Kamen Rider is. First: the variety of scenario that we get each time. when a new show is announced i always look first at the scenario if it interested me or not. Even if it doesn't, i still would at least watch episode 1 just to see how it looks. second : the action scenes that some series and movies offer. for exemple Kamen Rider Wizard, and Reiwa The First Generation lastly : after watching a preview for a next episode, i always love to think about what can happened on the next episode.

私が特撮、特に仮面ライダーの好きな理由? まず、毎回さまざまなシナリオが楽しめるところです。新しいシリーズが発表されると、まず常に最初にシナリオを見ます。たとえそれに興味をもてなくても、見極めるために少なくとも最初のエピソードは見あすね。第二に、特撮番組や特撮映画が見せてくれるアクションシーン。例えば「仮面ライダーウィザード」や、「令和・ファースト・ジェネレーション」などでしょうか。最後に、番組最後に放送される次回予告がすきですね。次回がどんな展開になるとのかと考えるとワクワクしますね。

Answer from Martin (Austria) :

Tokusatsu programs succeed where so many western productions fail: it makes the world it portrays seem tangible. Even tough modern tokusatsu programs utilise computer generated imagery to further the creative vision, they still retain a handmade quality. And it still works in the »digital age«, seeing as my kid, thinks of the characters of the Marvel movies as Special Effects, while Ultraman is someone who he insists he'll share a meal with one day. — Martin, 40, Austria


- マーティン・40歳・オーストリア

Answer from Daniel Eubanks (USA) :

I would say tokusatsu gives me a new perspective of everything from power rangers to super sentai to kamen rider and ultraman with the stories, the villains, the character developments over time but with ultraman it has to take time to develop a story for a 25 episode series. -Daniel (USA)



Answer from Slytherin Reviews (USA) :

What I like about Tokusatsu, is the shows. Saban brought Super Sentai over as Power Rangers to the rest of the world, Disney had a hand in the English versions of Power Rangers, and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was a 1-for-1 retelling of Kamen Rider Ryuki, we got Big Bad Beetleborgs aka Juukou B-Fighter with Beetleborgs Metallix AKA B-Fighter Kabuto. I love that I can enjoy Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, along with other series too, also everything wouldn't have been possible without the help of Shotaro Ishinomori who is greatly missed by every fan of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider


Answer from Nekodragon (Germany) :

It is kinda hard to tell actually. My first toku series was Winspector when I was 3 or 4 years old. After that Power Rangers started. It earned a special place in my heart and accompanied me ever since. Around Boukenger / Power Rangers Mystic Force, I became aware of tokusatsu (not to forget the Godzilla movies I already watched until then). Something that makes tokusatsu more attractive is a certain seriousness compared to more comical approaches in some western versions.


Answer from Anderw711 (N/A) :

That's both a tough and an easy question for me to answer. I'd say what I like about Tokusatsu, is how well the story is written and executed by the actor on screen. As well as the characters that those actors portray so well. But what I would say, what I really like about Tokusatsu is the costumes that they develop for said shows and movies. My favorite Toku characters, would be Den-O/Momotaros, Dragonzord(Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar), Ultraman Geed and of course Godzilla!



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