Q: What do you think we would need for Japan’s future? / 日本の未来に必要なのものを挙げるとした何だと思いますか?

Q: What do you think we would need for Japan’s future? / 日本の未来に必要なのものを挙げるとした何だと思いますか?

The Question is from: Nono, and please leave your comment on this question. We will talk about it in our radio program. Thank you!

This page is solely created for "Uwajima World Link," Office Seike's weekly FM radio program on Wednesdays, 1:00 PM- 1:55 PM JST, broadcasting from Uwajima City, located in the southern part of Ehime Prefecture, Japan.
The questions we present here are from students from Ehime Pref. Uwajima Minami Secondary School in Uwajima City. They are eager to learn English & various cultures out there in the world.

We, Office Seike, strongly believe learning other languages and cultures brings broader perspectives and hints to local cities like our hometown Uwajima. Also, it helps us discover and appreciate our unique traditions and rich local cultures. We sincerely hope your answers to these students' questions inspire them, guide them, and let them be interested in you and your cultures.

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Masaki Seike, Director.

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I think there should be essential things from entertainment to the agriculture in the future of Japan mixed with sci-fi buildings.
Daniel Eubanks (USA)

Daniel Eubanks

With respect to Japan’s cultural future, I would like to see more support and promotion of economic, cultural, and living opportunities in areas outside big cities. Encouraging and supporting young people to learn new skills and start new businesses in places away from cities would help Japan better utilize its natural resources and also develop its human capital.

Char350 (USA)

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