Your Next Destination: City of Matsuyama & Uwajima

Visiting Hero Star Bar

It has been our great pleasure to welcome our customers & friends to our cities, Matsuyama & Uwajima. So far, we have hosted 7 friends in Matsuyama City including:

  • Otoya (Malaysia, 2009)
  • Dennis (Netherland, 2013)
  • Mattias (Sweden, 2014)
  • Otoya (Malaysia, 2016)
  • Dennis (Netherland, 2016)
  • Char350 (USA, 2016)
  • TyphoonBang (USA, 2016)
  • Rico (USA, 2016)
  • Rory (UK, 2016) 

Now we are pleased to add one another friend to the list, SpecialForm12”, and he visited Matsuyama from Jan. 28th to 31st. We originally planned to host him to Matsuyama Castle, to our live streaming shows, and then to Uwajima City where our CSTOYS Toku Wave Radio locates. However, due to our sudden family circumstance, he only managed to make a visit to our office in his first day in Matsuyama and we felt so bad not being able to be with him while his stay in Matsuyama but our family situation would not let us do so. But when you are in need, there is always a hero indeed. Our hero and the owner of Hero Star bar <>, Mr. Wakafuji kindly offered a help for SpecialForm12 to make his Matsuyama night out something to be remembered. It was a coincident that Mr. Wakafuji were interviewed by Ehime Shimbun Newspaper Co., Ltd at the same night that SpecialForm12 was invited to the bar. And the article was just published on the newspaper in entire Ehime Prefecture (257,834 subscribed copies by Jan. 2015 to be exact according to Wikipedia) .  According to Mr. Wakafuji, SpecialForm12 sung 7 or 8 Tokusatsu Karaoke songs there together with his new local Karaoke friends and they all had a great time there at the bar. 

So here you are, we proudly add your name to our visitors list.

  • SpecialForm12 (Colombia, 2017)

So I ask my question, Who is going to be next?” We all at CSTOYS, will wait for your coming to our cities and be in our livestreams together sometime soon in near future! 

Masaki Seike 
CSTOYS International


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