Waiting for the Second Wave of "DX HawkGatling Full Bottle Set"

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DX HawkGatling Full Bottle SetDear Customers who pre-ordered or is planning to purchase the set,

Don't worry. If you have pre-ordered it with us, your order is confirmed. But it needs a little more time to arrive at our office.

Last week we received 24 sets of DX HawkGatling Full Bottle Set as its first wave of what we have ordered. Due to its very first release, our entire order has not fulfilled at this moment, and we will have to ask you to wait for our second wave from our wholesalers in coming weeks.

分納(Bun-no) is the word our wholesalers often use, and it means "Partial Delivery." It happens whatever the toy he refers to, it is in high demand, and Bandai tries to limit its distribution. When we hear the word "Bun-no" in a conversation with our wholesalers, it is not something we would like to hear :( And they did it for DX HawkGatling Full Bottle Set.

Unfortunately, we can not do anything about this now but wait patiently, and we would like to ask you to be patient and wait for our new arrivals in coming weeks.


Masaki Seike
Director, CSTOYS International
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