[Toku Wave LIVE #315] The 65th Anniversary for the King (2019/06/03)

[Toku Wave LIVE #315] The 65th Anniversary for the King (2019/06/03)

●TOPIC:The 65th Anniversary for the King

No spoilers! But we watched the movie, "Godzilla: King of Monsters." and we love all of it but especially the end roll of the film and we will talk about it.

Also, we introduce weekly Tokusatsu topics from Tokusatsu Network as always. 

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●Featured Corner: Heroes Within

  • This Week’s Studio Guest: Ms.Yuki Tamaki, Representative for NPO Nana’s Forest. 
  • Organization: NPO Nana's Forest
  • Event: Tree Thinning Learning Experience 
  • Date: 2019/06/09 (Sun)  9:15~16:00
  • URL: http://bit.ly/2MnmXP3
  • About NPO Nana's Forest
    • NPO Nana’s Forest carries out “disaster support activities” and “disaster prevention activities” with a focus on the area of Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture.

      With our “disaster support activities”, we began support of Uwajima City after the heavy rain disaster in July 2018. After support began, we moved fully into Uwajima City to continue recovery and reconstruction support.

      We are working with a look toward the future of the area in a fun and creative way so that we can make use of the local supplies and power.

      With our “disaster prevention activities” we focus on the surrounding forests by a process called thinning. Once heavy foliage and canopy are removed, light can re-enter the forest. This light promotes the growth of heavy, broad-leaved trees that, with their strong roots, will make the forest significantly less prone to a natural disaster.

      We cherish our time in the forests, playing in and soaking in the nature around us and we are currently recruiting a large group, so we can all help the forest, together!


This radio segment is brought you by NPO Ehime Resource Center and the Disaster Volunteer & NPO Activity Support Donation Program by the Central Community Chest of Japan to support victims of the Western Japan Heavy Rain Disaster in Uwajima City and provide them the latest information for their disaster relieve activities. 

●Toy Review

 Product: Not Yet Decided. 

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