[Sponsorship & Autograph] Anison Concert "ANi☆Spaβ" by Hero☆Star on Sept. 30, 2018

[Sponsorship & Autograph] Anison Concert "ANi☆Spaβ" by Hero☆Star on Sept. 30, 2018

[Sponsorship & Autograph] Anison Concert "ANi☆Spaβ" by Hero☆Star on Sept. 30, 2018CSTOYS' Co-Working team "HERO☆STAR" is hosting an Anison Concert on Sept. 30 2018 in Matsuyama Japan, featuring the three legendary Anison singers & composers together with a new & original singer unit called "HERO☆STARS" debuting with their original theme song for " HERO☆STAR".  And you can sponsor this special event and grab your exclusive treats for it! 

 Special Guest


  • Anison Deva MIQ
    Debuted with “Hey You” for the opening theme song for Combat Mecha Xabungle and awarded for the best singer from the 6th Anime Gran Prix in 1983. She sang many of the anime songs, CM songs, and Games. In 2009, she covered Ai Senshi for the Gundam 30th Tribute Album. She celebrated the 35th anniversary for her singing career in 2017 and still attracts many fans for her powerful yet melodious voice and songs.

  • Masaaki Endo
    Took Anime-song industry by storm in 1997 with “Yuusha Ou Tanjou! ” the opening theme song for Yuushaoh Gaogaiger and he sang many Tokusatsu including "Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger OP" , Game and Anime songs since then. Member of JAM Project and made their world tour “No Border” in 2008 and the Japanese Anison band has made their Anison Tour in different countries and promoting Japanese pop culture. 2017, his 6th Original Album “V6 Engine” was released. July 2018, sang the opening theme song “Vital” for TV Animation Satsuriku no Tenshi.

  • Yoshifumi Ushima
    Japanese singer-songwriter debuted from King Record Co., Ltd. with “FLYING IN THE SKY” and “Trust You Forever” for the opening songs for Mobile Fighter G Gundam (TV) in 1994. He has provided many Anime & Game songs to other singers including “Will” for the opening song of the anime: Senkaiden Hoshin Engi, sung by Chihiro Yonekura.  He also composed the theme song for “HERO☆STARS.” 


Condition: A sponsorship comes with a banner (size: 60mm X 34mm or 827 pixel x 469 pixel) on the back of the concert flyer and will be distributed locally here in Matsuyama City including AI TV Broadcasting Co., Ehime CATV Co. and FM Ehime Radio Broadcasting Co. for this promotion. And a sponsor will receive: 

  1. Autographs from each of the Ani-Son Singers.
  2. Pictures from each of the Ani-Son Singers and send them digitally to you by email.
  3. The Flyers your brand name is on. 
  4. Mentioned your brand name during the concert. 

The Main Concert Organizer: HERO☆STAR
Concert Date: Sunday, September 30th, 2018 
Venue: WStudioRED, 4-10-8 Minatomachi Matsuyama Ehime Japan 
All the Rewards will be shipped via: EMS ONLY

  • About Banner Design
    After your purchase is confirmed, we will contact you via email and ask you to send us your own banner design (Please be creative and respect copyrights. Simply your name in text is fully acceptable. Your brand name needs to be readable in the banner you create.) 
  • Shipping
    All the items will be shipped out by EMS ONE WEEK after the concert ended due to the process. Thank you for understanding. 
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