Shipping will be on-hold from Feb. 9th to 14th due to a business trip to Tokyo.

Shipping will be on-hold from Feb. 9th to 14th due to a business trip to Tokyo.

Dear Customers, 

Thank you for using our service as always during the pandemic. We have an announcement that we will need to on-hold all of our packing operations from Feb. 9th to 14th due to our business trip to Tokyo and my wife's hospitalization. My wife has back pain, and her stay is just temporary, but to make sure she is okay. And the good news is she is coming back in a week or so ;)


My business trip is something I need to take care of in Tokyo on Feb. 11th and 12th, live-streaming from Tachikawa City, Tokyo. The Youtube Live is for an alumni organization for the International Agriculture Exchange Council that I belong to. I will interview 2 or 3 ex-agriculture trainees who studied in Europe and hear what they have learned there and how they used their experiences in Europe in Japan after returning. 

If you want to sneak what I will be doing there, you can visit HERE

Hopefully, I have some extra time to visit some good tokusatsu related places there in Tokyo ;) 

Toksautsu toys and shows are a bit slow before the new seasons start, but we see many good things happening. And we can not wait to receive more toys this spring. 

Again, our store is still open for 24 hours, but please note that our shipping operation will be held from Feb. 9th to 14th. We won't be able to pack and ship during the time, so please wait for us to come back next week.

Till then, take care and be safe. See you soon again for sure. 


Masaki Seike

CSTOYS International





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