Q: What Happened to "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set"?

What Happened to DX GoldScorpion Full Bottle Set?A: Bandai has replaced the set with "DX RoseCopter Full Bottle Set."

We asked our wholesalers about the question a week ago, and we finally received Bandai's answer through them. They told us that there was a slight change of the direction for Kamen Rider Build episodes and Bandai had to swap "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set" with "DX RoseCopter Full Bottle Set." And there is no more release of "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set" (However, we still doubt this and who knows? PB? Maybe?).

So this is the situation we are in and for those who pre-ordered the set. We will simply replace their orders from "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set" to "DX RoseCopter Full Bottle Set" and start shipping them as we receive this weekend. We would like to thank our pre-order customers of this set for being patient with us waiting for the update.


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