Promotional Flyer for Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger! And it is FREE!

Here comes the promotional season for the new Super Sentai Series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger!

We received the latest KR Zi-O related items from our wholesalers today on Saturday, and this is what we found in the box!

Ryusoulger Mini Poster

The flyer lists all the toy line of Ryusoulger releasing in March, and it has a cool mini-poster on the back!! We are giving away the brochure to each customer who purchase anything from our site starting today on Saturday, Feb. 16th until the supply ends.

When you order something from our site, we will include this into your shipping box. The mini poster is approx. 12" X 15" and the perfect size for your desk-side wall and would ideally go with your DX Kishiryuoh displaying right in front of the poster.

However, the supply is limited. We only received two boxes, and about 100 of them and the promotion will end as the supply finishes. They would go fast from this weekend so make sure to get one for your future display project with Ryusoulger Toys!


CSTOYS International


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