[Promotion] "VS Emblems" Campaign

Here we go now for the campaign season! Bandai announced this last month but we finally received the limited number of "VS Emblems," and it is time to introduce the details of this special campaign. Before you jump in this in a hope you could be the one to obtain them (Believe me, we sincerely do hope you win them too). However, there are some strict rules Bandai made, and as we are one of their toy retailers we will have to follow the rules, plus there are our rules to take part in with too:

The Bandai's Rules:
  1. Customer who purchases one of the following items will have a chance to obtain either of "Kaitou V Emblem(怪盗Vエンブレム)" or "Keisatsu S Emblem(警察Sエンブレム)."
  2. Customers can not have both emblems but will have to choose either of the team emblems at the stores in Japan. (This rule cannot work with our online stores unless you visit our physical store in Japan. Naturally, you need to follow our rules below) . 
  3. DX Good Striker, DX Lupinkaiser, and DX Patokaiser. 
  4. This is a free giveaway (Absolutely no sale for the promotional emblems) 
  5. The number of promotional items is limited, and this campaign will end as the supply is gone

  1. Pre-Order customers will have the priority to obtain the chance to keep these promotional emblems first. However, due to the limited supply, it does not guarantee even for them to have these rare badges. 
  2. We are not able to be at your request for Lupinranger Emblem or Patoranger Emblem. For the lucky customer obtain it, we will have to choose either of them to include in your order.
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