Pegasus Kyutama Campaign (From 8 PM JST, Sunday March 19th)

Our Batch of Pegasus Kyutamas!-----------------------------------------------
The campaign has ended as the supply is gone. If we see them in pre-owned market, we will do our best to bring them to our store later. Thank you.
Hello to the customers and the fans of CS Toys! Today, we are announcing that CS Toys will be taking part in the upcoming DX Pegasus Kyutama campaign. Just in time for the Pegasus Kyutama’s debut in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger! Now, the DX Pegasus Kyutama campaign is a limited giveaway and the only way to obtain the deluxe version. To be obtain the DX Pegasus Kyutama, one must simply purchase at least one deluxe Kyuranger related toy. However, customers who purchase an order consisting of multiple qualifying items they will only receive one Pegasus Kyutama per order.

The Qualifying Products Are:

  • DX Seiza Blaster
  • DX Kyu the Weapon
  • DX Kyu Buckle
  • DX Kyurenoh
  • DX Tenbin Voyager
  • DX Hebitsukai Voyager
  • DX Washi Voyager
  • DX Sasori Voyager
  • DX Cockpit Set 01 

The actual campaign begins today on Sat. March 18th here in Japan, but for online/ international customers it will begin with tomorrow’s activation at 8 PM JST, Sunday, March 19th. The DX Pegasus Kyutama Campaign will run while supplies last, so one should not wait around. Especially if one seeks to be like Lucky who seeks to becoming the Dancing Star, Pegasus Shishi Red!


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