No Alternative Show this week :(

December 15, 2017

Due to a special live broadcasting at FM Gaiya tomorrow in Uwajima, we need to leave Matsuyama for the year-end exclusive show and our Alternative Show on youtube will be canceled. However, we will have our CSTOYS Toku Wave LIVE will be aired on this coming Monday from 3 PM JST, so please join the show in the chat and send us your Tokusatsu music request to us :) 

To listen to the Toku Music we play on the net, click HERE:
-Kamen Rider Music Request Form:
-Super Sentai Music Request Form: http://bitly/SSmusic-request
-Ultraman Music Request Form:

Thank you and see you soon! 

CSTOYS International

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[Youtube LIVE] The Alternative Show (2018/01/20)

January 19, 2018

This week features more incredible finds to add to our "Second Hand" section; boxed DX Mechas, Loose Mecha, and Loose DX Roleplay Toys! In addition, we have some restock from Kamen Rider Build. Furthermore, we also have new Capsule Toy Full Bottles, and Ultra Capsules!
We will be demonstrating some of our latest arrivals tomorrow including the pre-owned toys and you can join the live chat from HERE as long as you have a Youtube account. The live-stream starts at 2 PM JST for 2 hours and hope you enjoy chatting with out Toku friends from the world and the demonstrations today. 

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[Today's Arrivals] Stacked Pre-Owned Toys are OUT! (2018/01/19)

January 19, 2018

TGIF. How are you, everyone? It has been a pretty busy week it was for us with our family business for good, and we didn't forget our weekly toy hunting trip! Remember we were talking about one of our favorite local second-hand toy stores gathered and stacked so many of good pre-owned toys during the last holiday season? We knew these toys are coming out soon and they did :D  This week, we are focusing on the some of the classic Super Senta Megazords with some missing parts but still in right conditions. These pre-owned Megazords can be excellent display models on the bookshelves in your room or backup parts for your existing collections. 

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[Toku Wave LIVE] Lupinranger VS Patoranger. What to expect from the show? (2018/01/15)

January 14, 2018

Our FM Radio goes on live-stream every Monday now, this is our second challenge! Last week, we failed to connect our PC to Youtube Live server due to too many scheduled events on our side, and this time we just go like how we do for our other weekly shows, one schedule at a time to make sure to stream our FM radio program onto our Youtube channel.

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