No Alternative Show on Saturday, Nov. 24th.

No Alternative Show on Saturday, Nov. 24th.

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Happy Holidays! While our online stores having our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale for this weekend, there is one particular event is approaching this weekend, and I need to be there. Therefore, there will be no Alternative Show tomorrow on Saturday Nov. 23rd., but I would like to invite all of you to join a Facebook Live beneath the Matsuyama Castle :) 

You probably might not know but I have been a board member of the Ehime Pref. International Agricultural Exchange Council, the regional supporting organization for J.A.E.C. (The Japan Agricultural Exchange Council). I participated in their long-term agricultural training program in the U.S. from 1984-86 and the cultural impact and people I met in the U.S. changed my life in the way I've never expected (You see? I am a toy seller now!) . But I am very proud of the decision I made at the time, and I would like to introduce this studying abroad program to young Japanese people to see and feel the world they live in now. The program opens its door to Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, U.S.A., and now, from this year, they added Australia as a new country to explore and test their abilities and ambitions. 

To introduce the program and recruit more young Japanese people with ambitions, we will be setting up our booth (#203) in Matsuyama Shiroyama Park this coming Saturday and Sunday, and broadcasting our Facebook Live from there. Moreover, we love to hear your opinions and suggestions about studying abroad or learning other cultures and the impacts they left on you. We want to share your experience and thoughts with our members and young Japanese people.  

Of course, we invite our members to talk and discuss their experiences in the training programs, and how it changed and helped their lives and professions as well.  

  • PLACE: Booth #203, Matsuyama Shiroyama Park, Matsuyama City.
    • #1 10:00 - 16:00 JST, Saturday Nov. 24th
    • #2 09:00 - 14:00 JST, Sunday Nov. 25th

    I know it is nothing to do with Tokusatsu toys but still please check our as we start the live feed on the day and greet us in the chat :) 

    I am looking forward to talking to seeing you in the chat or meeting you at our booth #203. Thank you. 


    Masaki Seike
    Board Member of  Ehime Prefecture Agricultural Exchange Council
    Director of CSTOYS International

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