[NEW] Ultraman Geed EP 12 - My Name

September 24, 2017

Learning the secret of his birth, and having been defeated by Kei as Pedanium Zetton, Riku has lost the meaning to his existence. However, Riku recieves a letter from a man named Ikari Asakura, and Riku goes to meet him. Only to discover that Riku was named by this man. Meeting Ikari inspires Riku to continue on as Ultraman Geed, and face Kei/ Pedanium Zetton again. In this battle Riku will awaken a new "MAGNIFICENT" power!

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Waiting for the Second Wave of "DX RocketPanda Full Bottle Set"

October 22, 2017

DX RocketPanda Full Bottle SetDear Customers who pre-ordered or is planning to purchase the set,

Don't worry. If you have pre-ordered it with us, your order is confirmed. But it needs a little more time to arrive at our office.

Last week we received 24 sets of DX RocketPanda Full Bottle Set as its first wave of what we have ordered. Due to its very first release, our entire order has not fulfilled at this moment, and we will have to ask you to wait for our second wave from our wholesalers in coming weeks.

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[NEXT] EP 17 - The King's Miracle! Time to Change Fate! (Scheduled to be aired from Oct. 28th.)

October 21, 2017

Ultraman Geed has been absorbed into Chimerabros. The whispers of Rikus Father, Ultraman Belial, slowly draw him towards the dark side. However, Ultraman King appears to assist Laiha, by sending her into Rikus spiritual void.  Will Laiha's voice reach Riku, and break Belial's brainwashing? And what other miracles from Ultraman King will occur; a new Fuison Rise?!

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[NEW] Ep 16 - The First Day of the End of the World (Scheduled to be aired until Saturday, Oct. 28th.)

October 21, 2017

Laiha contracts a "Little Star," and decides to be examined by AIB. Meanwhile, Alien Godola sneaks into AIB to steal Laiha's Little Star. Yet, Ultraman Geed arrives to save the day! However, the nightmare returns as his father, Ultraman Belial, reappears... and will Fusion Rise, Chimeraberos!

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