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New FB Page for CSToys Toku Wave LIVE Radio

May 05, 2019

New FB Page for CSToys Toku Wave LIVE Radio

As Reiwa Era has just begun, it is the perfect timing to start something new. So we realized that we do not have any Facebook site since we launched it in 2013. So here we are exclusively for our radio program, FM Gaiya's CSTOYS Toku Wave!

After five years we started airing the radio program, we have become more & more aware the importance of this community radio station, FM Gaiya, especially after the disaster last Summer we experienced in the Western Japan Heavy Rain. The people at the radio station has been working hard to provide up-to-date information for people living in the disaster area, and we were one of them as we lost the country office. We are proud of being their team working together for our City Uwajima.

We sincerely hope our new FB page for this radio program to be a place for people from Uwajima City & our customers around the globe to know each other and support each other.

Thank you for your continuing support to us, and we look forward to seeing you in our beautiful city, Uwajima.


Masaki Seike

Radio Personality
CSTOYS Toku Wave

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