[NEW] DX Kyuutama Set 04, LVUR18 Maximum & Muteki Gamer, SHF King Joe & MORE.

June 23, 2017

Today's Arrivals (20170623)Another Friday means another new arrivals ;) For this weekend, you  can expand your Kyutama Collection with the latest set 04 for "Ushikai (Boötes) Kyutama
" & " Otome (Virgo) Kyutama" as we received a whole new carton of 48 sets. For those who have waited for the release of LVUR18 ver. Maximum Gamer Figure, and it is finally here as the bulky action figure just like the show KR Ex-Aid Show and the good news does not stop there. LVUR18 comes with the final power-up form of KR Ex-Aid, Muteki Gamer action figure as well. And that is unbeatable or 無敵 (muteki) !!

The excitement of our new arrivals does not stop here either. For KR fan, DX Hyper Muteki Gashat is BACK! Many of our customers complained our last Sunday activation because our over 40 stock of the item disappeared from out store within 15 min after the last activation :(  And today, we received 12 more of this hot items again and please be ready for this item at 8 PM JST, Sunday, June 25th.

S.H.F. King Joe is a perfect choice for any Ultraman fans this weekend too. Over 50 years ago, Ultra Seven fought this Giant Alien Robot in Tokyo Bay Area, and Bandai is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the quality of S.H.Figuarts Technology matches with the robot. It is hard to ignore this alien robot if you know the Ultra series. 

For more detailed info on our new arrival items, check out our latest video ;) 


Also we will be LIVE-demoing some of our latest arrivals today from 2 PM JST, Saturday, June 24th at our Youtube channel <http://bit.ly/2sI2ffr> and don't miss the fun ;D

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[Youtube Live] The Alternative Show (2018/04/21)

April 21, 2018

Oh, what a week it was! We traveled to other cities for pre-owned toys and did you see the fantastic selection of them? We posted our toy hunting trip pictures along the way, and hopefully, you enjoy the toys as long as the view of the beautiful towns in Japan as well.
And this weekend. We have received so many of the promotional toy, DX Hammer Dial Fighter! When we opened the box from our wholesalers, we just could not believe how generous they are to send us the amount of the giveaway item!! It is pretty rare that we get so many of Bandai's promotional thing like that we tell you from our experience! So be informed & quick for the special offer this weekend and get your hands on the golden item ;)
We will be demonstrating the latest new & pre-owned toys during "The Alternative Show" today from 2 to 4 PM JST and you are invited to be part of the show :) 
All of these items below will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 

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[Promotion] DX Hammer Dial Fighter Campaign!

April 21, 2018

Promotional Item: DX Hammer Dial FighterYou have waited for this and no more waiting :) We finally received over 60 DX Hammer Dial Fighters last Friday, and they are all ready to be launched! Please make sure to read and understand the instruction to obtain this amazing DX Toy Give-away for this weekend and Good luck to you all!! 

The rules is simple. If you purchase following items from us starting from Sunday, April 22nd, you are qualified to get one DX Dial Fighter per purchase. Yes, you need to be "qualified" for this Give-away Campaign. The catch? The campaign, as always, ends when the supply is gone. So be informed and quick ;)

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[Youtube Live] Today's Arrivals (2018/04/20)

April 19, 2018

This week features a wide variety of USED Sentai robos from the 90's! Also, we have Lupinranger's Scissors & Blade Dial Fighter, as well as the campaign item. Whereas, there are some restocks for Kamen Rider Build items.
All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at www.cstoysjapan.com and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 

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