Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King

July 25, 2016

Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King Complete SetPictures came in :) We made a few order for a pretty interesting item called "Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King". It is like a mini DX Cube series disguised in Mini-pla series. This Cube Animals comes in 20 mm cubicle which actually can transform into each animal forms, of course, they all can combine to Zyuoh King, Zyuoh Wild and Tousai Zyuoh. And the most intriguing part is they can even build up to Wild Tousai King in the end.  This set is different from the regular Mini-Pla Zyuohger Series. The regular series focus on their posabilities, but this set, "Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King", is just like the DX ones we all know, and the concept is awesome! 

The set is scheduled to arrive here in late August and we will start selling them the following Sunday at 8 PM JST in August after we receive it. 

We will introduce more detailed pictures as Bandai release them .

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Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz DVD Campaign (From 8 PM JST, Sunday March 26th)

March 25, 2017

Hello to the customers and the fans of CS Toys! Today, we are announcing that CS Toys will be taking part in another campaign. This new campaign for Ultra Soft Vinyl series, where one can obtain an Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz DVD. The Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz DVD is an interactive quiz game for kids. It tests kids on how well they know the Ultras, Monsters, and various aliens. The video will display a vinyl, and kids must match it to the character using the remote. If the answer is correct the DVD will reveal additional information and stats on character shown. Now, to obtain the Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz one will need to buy three or more vinyls in a single purchase.  


The Qualifying Vinyl Series Are:

Pegasus Kyutama Campaign (From 8 PM JST, Sunday March 19th)

March 18, 2017

Our Batch of Pegasus Kyutamas!Hello to the customers and the fans of CS Toys! Today, we are announcing that CS Toys will be taking part in the upcoming DX Pegasus Kyutama campaign. Just in time for the Pegasus Kyutama’s debut in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger! Now, the DX Pegasus Kyutama campaign is a limited giveaway and the only way to obtain the deluxe version. To be obtain the DX Pegasus Kyutama, one must simply purchase at least one deluxe Kyuranger related toy. However, customers who purchase an order consisting of multiple qualifying items they will only receive one Pegasus Kyutama per order. 

The Qualifying Products Are: ....

Lucky!! CD Give-away for Only 3 people! "Goodbye today" by Mie Joké

March 06, 2017

"Goodbye today" by Mie Joké--------------------------------------------
CD Present Winners Have Been Announced: 
-Magna RyderHype

Youtube: CD "Goodbye Today" 当選者発表! 
Congratulation! We will be contacting you for your shipping address for these CD prizes. 
Thank you for sending us your requesting music :) 


 In our FM Radio show, CSTOYS Toku Wave, we play Tokusatsu related music requested from our listeners. But in some cases that we play different kind of music we love too. These days we are kind of addicted to one song called "Headlight" from Mie Joké's 2nd album "Goodbye today", and we have been playing this particular song at the end of our show every week. She is from Uwajima City and well-known for her exceptional voice and her talent in singing English jazz vocals. The song "Headlight" is in Japanese but our favorite one that portraits life's uncertainty as driving in dark with only dimming headlights and the song ends with one strong message: