Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King

July 25, 2016

Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King Complete SetPictures came in :) We made a few order for a pretty interesting item called "Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King". It is like a mini DX Cube series disguised in Mini-pla series. This Cube Animals comes in 20 mm cubicle which actually can transform into each animal forms, of course, they all can combine to Zyuoh King, Zyuoh Wild and Tousai Zyuoh. And the most intriguing part is they can even build up to Wild Tousai King in the end.  This set is different from the regular Mini-Pla Zyuohger Series. The regular series focus on their posabilities, but this set, "Mini-Pla EX Micro Gattai Series 01 Wild Tousai King", is just like the DX ones we all know, and the concept is awesome! 

The set is scheduled to arrive here in late August and we will start selling them the following Sunday at 8 PM JST in August after we receive it. 

We will introduce more detailed pictures as Bandai release them .

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Mr. Wakafuji to Reboot his Tokusatsu Bar "Hero Star" from Dec. 20th, 2016

December 02, 2016

Rebooting "Hero Star", A Tokusatsu Bar in Matsuyama, JapanMr. Wakafuji is our toku friend here in Matsuyama, and we have been working together for quite some time now since we met at our ex-Okaido Store in 2011. His vast toku related toy-collections easily go over 40,000 and one of his main businesses has been to rent his precious collection to companies, local governments nationwide. "Hero Star", another part of his business operations, has been closed since last May 2016, and many of his local toku friends and fans have been waiting patiently for the new start of his bar, and we learned this today that his tokusatsu bar will be re-opened again on December 20th 2016 in the center of Matsuyama Downtown, with the size of 854 sq ft, well enough to hold a mini live concert with Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke.  

[Live Stream] CS Toys' Alternative Show

December 02, 2016

As we get many Tokusatsu related toys from our wholesalers, what we called them as "Toymen" every Friday, we open the new toys and demo them LIVE on our Youtube Live Channel every Saturday 2 to 4 PM JST. Since our live show is in Japan Standard Time, not too many people can attend the show or watch it live but we sincerely hope the following list of our show videos will help our friends and customers to watch and enjoy them.  

Unboxing LIVE the New Arrivals on Every Friday!!

December 01, 2016


"Today's Arrivals" is a series of our live stream videos to show off what we have received on Fridays. Because most of the new Tokudatsu toys are introduced and started selling on weekends, the new toys arrive to our store on Friday and we show the newly arrived items right out of the boxes on their arrivals at our store. Check out our "Today's Arrivals" and be the first to know the new toy arrivals in your town :)

Interested in joining the chat in the video? If you have your Youtube account, you can do so by visiting our Youtube Livestream Channel :)