[LIVE] CSTOYS Toku Wave LIVE from Uwajima City (2017/09/25)

September 25, 2017

CSTOYS Toku Wave (2017/09/25)[The Live Show Has Ended, Thank you! ]

We are about to start our FM Radio Program "CSTOYS Toku Wave LIVE"  as the countdown timer is ticking. Join the chat and meet your took friends and send us your favorite music requests for Kamen Riders, Super Sentai and Ultraman! We will play your favorite toke music as much as we can in our 55 min Talk Live. Hope you enjoy the chat and the program ;)  

For Today's topic let's talk about the Toku Toys you want in the past and future! 

We look forward to talking to you in the chat soon ;D

More about our FM Radio Program, Visit our page HERE: http://bit.ly/tokuwaveLIVE

CSTOYS International

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