[Late Aug. 2019] Kamen Rider 01: DX AIMS Shot Riser

[Late Aug. 2019] Kamen Rider 01: DX AIMS Shot Riser

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Authorize! Progrize! Kamen Rider Zero-One, our first Reiwa Era Kamen Rider has arrived, and with him, an all-new era of collectible gimmicks in the form of Progrise Keys. Progrise Keys are data card looking devices that feature their own sounds and flip around to act as a key to insert into the various Drivers and weapons of the season.

The government created a task force to defend the city against the rogue HumaGear infected by the terrorist group. This task force is known as AIMS. Developed by the government, the two best warriors in the force are given AIMS Shot Risers, gun transformation devices compatible with the Progrise Keys, to transform into Kamen Rider Vulcan and Kamen Rider Valkyrie.

The gun of the AIMS Shot Riser can detach and be used as a sidearm weapon, and all transformation sounds can be activated without the gun attached to the belt. A Progrise Key can be loaded into the back of the gun to start the transformation, with a trigger pull to finish it. Included is the DX Shooting Wolf Progrise Key, the main transformation Progrise Key for Kamen Rider Vulcan.


By: Bandai 
Date Released: August 2019
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Zero-One
Toy Line: DX Progrise Key Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS. 

- DX AIMS Shot Riser
- Belt
- DX Shooting Wolf Progrise Key

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