Kyuranger! The Second Wave has Arrived!!

Kyuranger!Wow. The first wave of Kyuranger items were massive amount and it was the largest wholesale we ever invested, and most of them went out of stock right after we activated them last Sunday. In the desperate request emails we receive from our customers, we contacted our wholesalers next morning and negotiated with them for more of them. They said they were about to pack them and send them to other shops in Japan but they held them for us and decided to wait for our another order for the 2nd wave before 1 PM JST on Monday, Feb. 13th. I was on my way to Uwajima City for the CSTOYS Toku Wave radio recording from 3 PM JST, but I stopped by at one famous hamburger chain store and was on my laptop computer while biting one of their hamburgers. Figured the how many of each Kyuranger items are needed from our store and typed on emails to our wholesalers and BANG! Hit the return key. Submission completed. 

Today, I am writing up this blog at my parents house in a rural area near Uwajima City, and received a called from my office and they received the 2nd wave of Kyuranger for next Sunday Activation at 8 PM JST. One of my missions for today completed and I am happy :) 

I am grateful for our wholesalers that they waited for us and somehow they managed to get us more kyuranger items that most wanted items from any toy shops in Japan. Our wholesalers know how precious you are, ordering from overseas. We thank them for their hard work and respect they show to you all. 

Now I am on my way to Matsuyama City now, and hoping our proud packing team has successfully completed their mission today :) 

Thank you very much to all of our customers using and supporting our service. We will continue to be at your service. 

See you soon. 

Masaki Seike 

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