[Jan. 2020] Premium Bandai Exclusive - Kamen Rider Zi-O DX Ohma Zi-O Driver  (Aug. 25th - Sep. 8th)

[Jan. 2020] Premium Bandai Exclusive - Kamen Rider Zi-O DX Ohma Zi-O Driver (Aug. 25th - Sep. 8th)

Masaki Seike

Let's be honest. Is this a surprise to anyone? The minute we laid eyes on Ohma Zi-O, we knew that golden belt would be ours. This release, much like the Mirai Driver, is a simplified version of the Ziku Driver, now featuring two side buttons instead of the turning mechanism. Slamming both buttons will initiate the transformation, while a second will initiate a final attack. Any further presses will cycle through Kuuga through Zi-O finishing attacks. Pressing just the right button will cycle through voice clips from both Ohma Zi-O and Sougo. It's worth noting that no Ride Watches can be used with the Driver, and it's currently unknown if there is an actual screen in the toy, or if the screen is a sticker (much like the DX Banno Driver from Kamen Rider Drive).

The DX Ohma ZI-O Driver is a limited item. Once stock is gone, it will not be available again.


By: Premium Bandai
Date Released: January 2020
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Series: Kamen Rider Zi-O
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS
This item is a limited edition Premium Bandai Exclusive.

DX Ohma Zi-O Driver


Regarding VAT/Importing Tax

Please be aware of by purchasing this item outside of Japan, you are importing an item from Japan and please be aware of "VAT" or "Importing Tax" may apply to your purchase and you may be asked to pay an extra fee at your door. Every country has their own rules and their Custom Charges every level and please contact your Custom office for more details. Here is our FAQ posting for more about the VAT/Importing Tax. 

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it was obvious from the very beginning that it will be release as well as a PB Item
regarding if the screen is a fake or not the final episode when Sougo transform into Ohma Zi-O it was displaying
Ohma Zi-O on the driver so the screen should not be a fake


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