Give-Away! Celebrating the 300th CSTOYS Toku Wave FM Radio on Monday Feb. 11th!!

Can you believe that we are stepping on our 300th broadcasting milestone next Sunday for our CSTOYS Toku Wave!? No, neither do we... but it is real. 

To celebrate our another landmark, we are giving away the celebrated 20th Heisei Kamen Rider Henshin Belt, the brand new DX Ziku Driver to one lucky winner in our  next FM Radio Program on Monday, Feb. 11th. 

How can you participate this lucky draw? Easy! Just send us your favorite Tokusatsu Music Request to us from the list below. We are accepting your music request from Monday, Feb.4th until Midnight, Sunday, Feb. 10th.  And we will turn the spinner just like we do every week in the radio program!  Whoever picked, we will contact his or her by email, and we will send our present to the winner! 

So hurry! Just one lucky person will get this DX Ziku Driver for FREE! and It could be YOU! It is super easy to request them and we will play your favorite music on our internet radio with together with your name & Toku love and be heard!

Let's have the party on the radio LIVE ;) 

CSTOYS International


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