DX Oguma Kyutama Campaign (From 8pm JST, Sunday April 30th)

The campaign has ended as the supply is gone. If we see them in pre-owned market, we will do our best to bring them to our store later. Thank you.

Hello to the customers and the fans of CS Toys International! On the most recent episode of the ALTERNATIVES Show, we alerted our customers on two upcoming campaigns starting on the 29th. The first campaign that we will discuss here is for the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger DX Oguma Kyutama. Now, in the show Koguma Skyblue will use this Kyutama to grow to various heights. The DX Oguma Kyutama campaign is like the previous one for DX Pegasus Kyutama. However, the options one can choose to purchase to able receive the Oguma Kyutama are less, and more specific. The first two options allowing customs to get this Kyutama if he/ she purchases either DX Kyutama Gattai Kyurenoh or the DX Kyutama Gattai Ryuteioh Set. Then the other option is for one to purchase both the individual releases for the DX Ryu Voyager, and DX Oguma Voyager together.



Below is Bandai’s official commercial for the campaign, and products:


As stated before, the campaign begins on Saturday, April 29th here in Japan. However, for our online customers, it will begin with the Sunday activation, permitted we receive the Kyutama. We would like to include that supplies will be limited, and those who pre-ordered the items attached to this campaign have priority to receive the campaign item(s). In addition, if we acquire an abundant amount of the DX Oguma Kyutama we will continue the campaign until supplies last. Furthermore, orders with multiple qualifying items and/ or choices will only receive one Oguma Kyutama. We hope everyone will look forward to this event, and if changes occur will update everyone as timely as possible! Thanks, and stay tune for further updates from CS Toys International.


- Wheelchair21 of Hero Club

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