[Donation Program] Recovery Effort for Uwajima City

[Donation Program] Recovery Effort for Uwajima City

Get Involved and Donate for Uwajima CityUwajima is a city located on the southern part of Japan's Shikoku island. And it is the city where CSTOYS International has its own weekly live FM radio program broadcasting "CSTOYS Toku Wave" at FM Gaiya introducing latest Tokusatsu toys and music both in English & Japanese.

From June 28th to July 8th, 2018, successive heavy downpours in southwestern Japan resulted in widespread, devastating floods and mudflows. And Uwajima City was among the cities suffered. 11 people died in the town, 187 households evacuated from their houses in Uwajima City only, and the investigation team of Ehime University confirmed at least 3410 landslides locations (over 50 m/164 feet long and width) in the related areas.


 Landslide #1

Landslides #2

landslide #3

landslides #4


We can feel pains in our chest to learn the beautiful area destroyed and people there still forced to live without drinking water due to the damage of the water purification plant caused by the floods. Not just about the water supply, the agricultural damage caused by the floods and landslides in this small area estimated $2.2 billion which is a direct impact to the local farmers and the economy in the area.

Our company director & the radio personality, Masaki Seike aka Mr.S was born and raised in Uwajima city and we too feel connected to the town. And we all think that we need to do something to contribute to their recovery effort through what we do, our hero toys and Toku Music. 

Get Involved and Donate for Uwajima City

We are launching our donation program on this individual page we created from today August 5th until the end of September. After deducting the necessary fees for  shipping & international transaction, all the sales of these items will go to the Uwajima City by the End of October 2018.


PMC 2018


Not only at our online store, but we are bringing this donation program to Power Morphicon 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center, CA, from Friday Aug.17th to Sunday Aug.19th. Our booth # is 514 and we will be seeing you there. 

Get Involved and Donate for Uwajima CityOnce we gathered the funds in October, we will contact the City and the Mayor of Uwajima City, to have a brief presentation at the Uwajima City Hall. If we are allowed, and everything worked out, we will be live-streaming the ceremony at the hall for our heroes from all around the world who participated in our recovery efforts.


CSTOYS Toku Wave


Also, you can support the locals by sending us your Toku Music Requests and your kind messages to them. From Monday, 3 PM JST, August 6th, our live radio program will be back to the regular schedule and you can send us the music request & message for Uwajima City from the links below: 

We seek your support and help for this challenging time the Uwajima locals have to face now and in future.

Thank you.

CSTOYS International


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