CSTOYS has been selected one of YouTube 101 Stories in Japan!

Humans of YouTube

YouTube Impact

YouTube Impact is to harness YouTube's scale, technology and talent to ignite and sustain movements that drive measurable social change. And we are so excited to announce that CSTOYS has been selected as one of the 101 Creative Entrepreneurs in Japan.

Summary of the Report

YouTube is growing year by year as a video platform, helping to express creativity, acquire new skills and knowledge, revitalize the region and expand its business. Please take a look at the examples of Japanese users, creators, and companies using YouTube in a unique way.

The economic, cultural and social impact of YouTube in Japan

According to Oxford Economics' analysis, the YouTube ecosystem brought 233.9 billion yen in economic effect on Japan in 2020, creating about 75,970 jobs. Not only that, YouTube's influence is diverse, bringing rich benefits to economy, culture, and society.

51% of small and medium-sized enterprises with YouTube channels believe that YouTube is a strategic partner to promote business growth.

70% of creators believe that YouTube can deliver content to audiences from various countries.

83% of users said they are using YouTube to gather information and knowledge.

Stories of YouTube 101 

Please take a look at various examples of how users, creators and companies active in 47 prefectures in Japan use YouTube.

  • CSTOYS in Ehime Prefecture: https://bit.ly/3DKcio1

  • Click HERE for PDF materials that summarize the influence of YouTube in Japan.

 YouTube Impact Report

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