CSTOYS Featured in Shopify Japan's Official Beginner's Guidebook!

CSTOYS Featured in Shopify Japan's Official Beginner's Guidebook!

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business. We began to use the platform in 2014 to serve the Tokusatsu community. 

We are so thrilled to announce that Shopify Japan released their first physical beginner's guidebook in Japanese and we are featured in it as one of the successful stores located in Japan.

You can check out a translated version of our Q&A below.

Q: Why did you start your business? 

A: Before this toy business, I was a freelance English teacher here in Matsuyama City for a decade. Unfortunately, I could not see my students using the language skills they were learning in the future, trapped in a local city where nearly no international companies or business existed. I wanted to do more than just teaching English, believing that anyone can do international business, even from a small town, with the power of language and the connections the internet brings. I wanted to set an example for my future, current, and former students. One day, I met one of my friends that loved Tokusatsu toys, and the motions began to start.

Q: Why you chose Shopify? 

A: Our previous platform was okay, but failed to quickly adapt to the rise of mobile commerce, which now drives nearly half of our entire business. The last platform closed in 2014, and we began desperately looking for a better commerce platform. In Shopify, we found one. We chose the Shopify platform because it was not only easy for me to use, but also comfortable for my non-English-speaking staff to use as well (There was no Japanese language admin page in 2014, but there is now.) Of course, the Shopify platform offers tons of responsive store templates that meet the needs of mobile commerce. Furthermore, we love the Shopify Apps that the platform provides and can help us grow in business. The Shopify POS app has helped us in the past when we set up a pop-up shop at Power Morphicon and Hapan World Heroes events where many Tokusatsu fans gather.

Q: What do you keep in mind in your shop management?  

A: When we run our store, we always try to keep this motto in mind: "The service people can see." We all know that an online store is a place to click and shop. It is useful and convenient, but I've always felt that the process is rather heartless and misses the human touch. Our customers are people, and I wanted to be at their service myself, not as a machine interface, but as a person. That is why we fun our weekly live streaming shows and show our packing pictures and videos before, during, and after packing the orders from our customers around the world. 


Shopify Japan to Hold Shopify Post--Unite Japan 2019

On Tuesday, August 6th, we are invited to attend a special event called "Shopify Post-Unite Japan 2019" in Minatoku, Tokyo, where over 300 commerce experts will gather to learn about Shopify's new releases and features. We are so excited to learn that the beginner's guidebook will be distributed to those attending the meet-up and we sincerely hope that this will be an excellent opportunity for them to learn and understand that the Tokusatsu community outside of Japan not only exists but is much larger than believed.

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