Bandai Promotion: "Hajimari no Ryusoul (The Beginning Ryusoul)" Give Away

Bandai Promotion: "Hajimari no Ryusoul (The Beginning Ryusoul)" Give Away

The promotion for Ryusoulger has started here from March 3rd, and we finally received the promotional item, and we start packing & shipping the "Hajimarino Ryusoul" from Monday, March 18th. While Bandai's original rule for the promotion is to give away the promotional Ryusoul for free to children in elementary schools who can come to local toys stores in Japan and tell the store clerk a secret word "リュウソウジャー." We follow Bandai's rule for our local customers, but the international customers like yourself, our own rules come to action.

Thank you for understating. 
CSTOYS International

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  • Will

    Mar 26, 2019


    Aw man, I pre-ordered both Ryusoul sets in February – wish those were included in the list to get the promo.

  • Magna RyederHype

    Mar 10, 2019

    Magna RyederHype

    As for any promo item I approve the Ryusoulger rules n know what has to be done as any other ppl~

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