Bandai Promotion: Double Hero Aikotoba (Secret Phrase) Campaign! (Oct. 1st until its supply ends)

Bandai Japan has started its first combined promotion campaign for "Kamen Rider Build" and "Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger". This campaign is being called "W (Double) Hero Aikotoba (Secret Word) Campaign," and aimed at the domestic market. Since 99% of our online customers live out of Japan, we are making this campaign available for them too!

Now, the W Hero Aikotoba Campaign is when local customers say a secret phrase with their purchase in store. Once saying the secret phrase,” customers will receive a double-sided poster. Yet, for online customers the process will be slightly different, but simple to follow:  

  1. Input the secret word during the checkout of your purchase. You will see a small form to send a message to us. 
  2. This campaign ends until supplies last. 
If you are a fan of Kamen Rider Build, Kyuranger, or happened to be a fan of both series you won't regret having one on the wall of your room! 🙂


Best-match de Lucky

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