Action! Go Beyond the Wi-Fi!

Action! Go Beyond the Wi-Fi!

We are testing our new video chat function now with our Switcher Studio app for iOS. Our Wi-Fi connected cameras works nicely, and we enjoy them very much. However, when we take one of our cameras out of the Wi-Fi range, it does not work, and it has always been one of the challenges we face do the show.

Thanks to the technology advancement on the Switcher Studio app, now we can hook up any mobile phones beyond one Wi-Fi range by sending one unique URL to a person we interview, and bring him or her to our Livestream. I know we are still in the learning process of this new function, but it would be so lovely to use it for our live shows. Please wait for more updates on this, and you could be our guest in the future too?! 

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Cool! Never evers give up n seems very very n very fun with some laughter along the way if there is n/or something else special of any as much as possible.. ..

Magna RyederHype

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