CSTOYS' Social Contribution Report: Toy Donation to a Local Church in California, USA.

The Church we gave our toys for their local childrenLast year we traveled thousand miles to attend "Power Morphicon 2014" in Pasadena, California and our team had a wonderful time with our friends & customers there at our booth :)  We sold lots of our tokusatsu toys there but, to be honest, we had some left out as well at the time and we did not want to take them back to Japan so we came up an idea to donate the rest of our toys for a local community church in California and we did :)  

And the other day, we have received a thank you letter from the same church reporting that they gave our toys to their local children in need of them before their Christmas. We are so thrilled and delighted with this letter and happy about what we did and just want to share with our friends and customers. 







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