Going to Tokyo this weekend for YouTube FanFest Academy and no shows on Saturday :(

We have received an invitation to attend "YouTube FanFest Academy" on Sat. Oct. 18th, and I thought I need to learn more about this most advanced edited & live video sharing solution on the planet together with other Youtube creators in Japan.

I am heading to Tokyo tonight for this special occasion and we will cancel our Alternative Show on Oct. 18th, but decided to do the Alternative show on Friday, which is today on Oct, 17th, from the same time 2 PM to  4 PM JST since there are some too important items that we can not miss demonstrating them for our customers. And We see you today with the following demos after the New Arrivals from 2 PM JST :) 




TK02 Tire Set Frist

DX Shift Car Set 02

DX Tridron

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