New Arrival today and Powerful Typhoon "


We have received 3 big boxes today and we did the unboxing show as usual.

However, there was an unusual thing as well today. 

We had a call from our wholesaler that they have some more items to deliver to us BUT there will be a huge delivery delay caused by the powerful typhoon "Vongfong" approaching to Japan soon for this weekend.


According to them the next shipment of our DX Hyper Ressher Teioh may delay for 2 weeks. We hope we can get them sooner but this is something we can not do anything about it....

Let's hope we still can get other items on next Friday.


Don't forget that we have our store activation this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. And this time, we are bringing many of our Premium Bandai Items to this activation. What they are?? Join our newsletter program and find out about what they are, and be prepared for the activation :) 


CSTOYS International


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