Q: Is there a reason why you still have the sold out used items from 2 weeks ago still listed on the site?

A: Yes. We leave the sold used-item listing for a reason. 

When you order something from out of your country, thousands miles away, you want to check back what you ordered and see what was the details of them even more before you actually received it. Leaving our listing for our used items even after we sold it, people can come back to our site and see what was their deals like. When something happens to the order delivery, still it helps our customers to see and check the item in our store. 

However, we are also aware that seeing those sold used-items with other new ones could make other customers difficult to find our other items on the same page. We will hide the sold item listings eventually after 2 or more weeks later assuming our customers received their items without any issues. 

Of course, our customers can contact us anytime at cstoysjapan@gmail.com about their orders and we can bring up the hidden discussions and order details from our store system anytime to be at their service. 


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