Q: What is "Registered SAL and Airmail"?

A: This is a service that applies when the items accepted for delivery and get damaged or lost. In such cases the actual damages will be paid in recompense within the range of the insured value stated by the sender at the moment of shipment (The total of insurance coverage is up to 6000 yen max. for both Registered SAL & Airmail) . 

Q: What do you mean by "Track your SAL or Airmail"?

Registered SAL & AirmailA: Japan Post shipping label for this service is like the one shown on the left. It comes with an unique tracking number and we send your shipping confirmation message to you with this number. To start tracking your item, please use our "Packing & Tracking Services" page, you see a search window for your tracking number and simply type in your tracking number to the search window and click "Track" to start your search.

Q: What do you mean by "insure them up to 6000 yen" ?

A: Japan Post Office has this insurance program for all of their registered SAL & Airmails for maximum value of 6000 yen in actual damage or lost. In these cases, please note that Japan Post requires to do their investigation on all the delivery route starting from our local post office to your local one. And this investigation will take 1 or 2 months to conduct before Japan Post conclude a result. And when they concluded it was stolen, lost, or damaged with their service, they will compensate your loss up to 6000 yen max.  

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