[Challenge] #01:  2018 Japan Floods, the beginning

[Challenge] #01: 2018 Japan Floods, the beginning

This is our series of short Vlogs to show and tell you what happened to our country office and the challenges we face. We are working on the renovation of our office there and start our live-streaming shows again from our over 120 years old Japanese farm house. Your support will be much appreciated along the way in hoping one day to have you there as a guest at our country office. 

[About the Japan Flood]
2018 Japan Floods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Japan_floods

[Video Source]
* CNN: Japan floods and landslides kill dozens; millions evacuated:
* CNN: Japan floods: Death toll rises to 200 as UN offers assistance:
* Ehime Shinbun Newspaper Co.: Ehime Heavy Rain Disaster (in Japanese with Pictorial Map) :

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