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Boonboomger: DX Bun Black & Bun Orange Complete Set

Boonboomger: DX Bun Black & Bun Orange Complete Set

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Condition: Brand New
By: Bandai
Date Released: 2024
Franchise: Super Sentai
Show: Baukuage Sentai BoonBoomger
Toy Line: DX Toy Series
Size: ---
Batteries: ---
Ships via: Airmail Registered, EMS, or DHL


  • DX BoonBoom Change Axe Set... 1
  • DX BoonBoom Police I ... 1
  • DX BoonBoom Police II ... 1
  • DX BoonBoom Shovel ... 1
  • DX BoonBoom Dozer ... 1

It is a set of "DX BoonBoom Change Axe" and "DX BoonBoom Police 1", "DX BoonBoom Police 2", "DX BoonBoom Shovel" and "DX BoonBoom Dozer" of the BoonBoom Car series.

■DX BoonBoom Change Axe

It is transformed into 3 modes of BoonBoom Change Axe, Handle, and Rod, and you can enjoy attack games and special moves by pressing the trigger in Boom Boom Change Axe and Rod mode.

- In the handle mode, the siren emits light, and you can enjoy driving play with each dedicated driving sound.

- Boom Boom Booster recognizes all BoonBoom Cars (sold separately) completely individually, and you can enjoy the sound according to the loaded BoonBoom Cars.

- In addition, the robot's special move sound is activated by merging it on the back of the DX BoonBoomger Robot (sold separately).

■DX BoonBoom Cars
It can be combined with DX BoonBoom Robo (sold separately)!
BoonBoom Pat Car 1 and BoonBoom Pat Car 2 combined with BoonBoom Robo
⇒"BoonBoomger Robo-Police" will be completed.

BoonBoom Shovel and BoonBoom Dozer are combined with BoonBoom Robo
⇒"BoonBoomger Robo-Builder" will be completed.

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