Tokumei Sentai Go-busters Buster Gear Series 07 Transpod Beet & Stag Ver.


特命戦隊 ゴーバスターズ バスターギアシリーズ07 トランスポッド ビート&スタッグ ver.

The Buster Gear Series 07 is "Transpod".
You can enjoy these tree mode.

1. Buster transport mode :  The sound of transporting.
2. Voice change mode :  Change your voice into low voice, high voice or robo voice.
3. Sound mode :   listen to  some funny sounds.

This contains
・Transpod : 1
・Transpod holder : 1
・Belt : 1
・Instruction( in Japanese):1

[size of body for the belt]
hight:90cm - 120cm
width of the shoulder:16cm - 24 cm
length of around shoulder:24cm - 35 cm (Notice: The size is designed for children.)

This can be shipped via SAL, AIRMAIL or EMS.

Vendor: Bandai

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