[CLOSED Sep. 2017] Premium Bandai Exclusive - Brave Kyoryuzin Set (Apr. 16th - 30th)


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Premium Bandai Exclusive - Brave Kyoryuzin Set


By: Premium Bandai
Date Released: September, 2017
Franchise: Super Sentai
Series: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS
This item is a limited edition Premium Bandai Exclusive.


  • Guntyra
  • Stegonsaw
  • Shovecera
  • Parasaser
  • Rapx
  • Guntyra Zyudenchi
  • Stegonsaw Zyudenchi
  • Shovecera Zyudenchi
  • Parasaser Zyudenchi
  • Rapx Zyudenchi
  • Kyoryuger Zyudenchi
  • Candelira Zyudenchi
  • Luckyuro Zyudenchi

Kyoryuger was so popular in South Korea that they worked together with Toei to produce an all new, in-canon sequel series called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave! Brave Kyoryuzin is the new mecha from the series, taking the Zyudenryu and giving them an all new, weaponized spin. The toys are only slight remolds featuring new weapons and colors unique to Brave Kyoryuzin. The set in total includes all of the main five Zyudenryu: Guntyra, Stegonsaw, Shovecera, Parasaser, and Rapx. Also included are their Zyudenchi, as well as Kyoryuger, Candelira, and Luckyuro Zyudenchi! The included Zyudenryu can form Brave Kyoryuzin and Brave Kyoryuzin Western depending on who is connected. GunTyra contains all new sounds recorded by Shigeru Chiba for new Zyudenchi to be released later on, as well as sounds from Candelira and Luckyuro’s voice actors. These share molds with the original toys, and as such, can be mixed and matched to create some fun color schemes and combinations. Gabugaburincho!

Brave Kyoryuzin Set is a limited item. Once stock is gone, it will not be available again.

Vendor: Bandai

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