Mican Strap [Itteko-owai] Ehime Prefecture Official Character


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Mican Strap Charm - Ehime Prefecture Official Character

Date Released: September, 2016
Franchise: Mican
Work: Ehime Prefecture Official Character
Toy Line: Charm Straps
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS

Mican Charm Strap

Ehime Prefecture, the home of Matsuyama and CSToys International have their own mascot character, and it is none other than the adorable Mican. To promote the character, the Prefecture have put out a number of related merchandise for the character. This release is an adorable little charm strap that can be put on your portable gaming console, cell phone, purse, handbag, or anything else you want! Carry a bit of Ehime wherever you go, with your own adorable Mican.

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