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Premium Bandai Exclusive: Capsule Lock Seed Showa Rider Legend Set

By: Tamashii Nations
Date Released: January, 2015
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Gaim
Toy Line: Sound Lock Seeds
Ships via: EMS Suggested
This toy is a limited edition Premium Bandai Exclusive.

Capsule Rider 1 Lock Seed
Capsule Rider 2 Lock Seed
Capsule V3 Lock Seed
Capsule Riderman Lock Seed
Capsule X Lock Seed
Capsule Amazon Lock Seed
Capsule Stronger Lock Seed
Capsule Skyrider Lock Seed
Capsule Super-1 Lock Seed
Capsule ZX Lock Seed
Capsule Black Lock Seed
Capsule Black RX Lock Seed
Capsule Shin Lock Seed
Capsule ZO Lock Seed
Capsule J Lock Seed
Capsule Secret 1 Lock Seed
Capsule Secret 2 Lock Seed
Capsule Secret 3 Lock Seed

All of the Heisei Riders saw Lock Seed releases via the Capsule and Candy Toy Lock Seed releases over the course of the show, but very few of the Showa Era Riders were released. Premium Bandai has come to our aid with the release of the Capsule Lock Seed Showa Rider Legend Set! This set includes 18 total Capsule Lock Seeds. Keep in mind that these are Capsule releases, and do NOT feature any sort of LEDs or spring loaded front flaps like the DX releases. They all work independently with the back button, and a Sengoku Driver is not required to play with these Lock Seeds. The set includes the 15 Showa Rider Lock Seeds (Ichigo through J) as well as three secret Lock Seeds! At this time we have no idea what these secret Lock Seeds are, so stay tuned for more information. As a Premium Bandai item, once these sets are gone, they’re gone for good.

Note that the previously released Rider 1 and Black RX Lock Seeds were from the SG (Candy Toy) Lock Seed Series. These releases are under the Capsule Lock Seed Series, and thus feature the transparent front flaps seen in all Capsule releases, as opposed to the opaque fronts seen in the Candy Toy release.


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Vendor: Bandai

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