[CLOSED Mar. 2016] Premium Bandai Exclusive - Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler (Oct. 25th - Nov. 8th)


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Premium Bandai Exclusive - Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler


By: Premium Bandai
Date Released: March, 2016
Franchise: Super Sentai
Show: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS
This item is a limited edition Premium Bandai Exclusive.

Due to Bandai’s limit of 5,000 of this item, pre-orders for this item will not be unrestricted. Once Bandai reaches 5,000 orders, they will cease orders for the item at any moment. To ensure we get some for our customers, we had to place an order in advanced. We have ordered SIX (6) of this item from Premium Bandai, and are offering those six as pre-order items on our store. Once those six are sold, orders for this item will be closed. Thank you for your understanding.

Dino Buckler
Buckler Holster
Tyrannosaurus Guardian Beast Medal
Dino Crystal

Until now, the Super Sentai Artisan line has strictly been for robots. Premium Bandai is proud to bring the first changer into the Super Sentai Artisan line! Fans predicted something like this way back when Bandai America first released the Legacy Power Morpher from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and they were right. The Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger is the same mold as the Legacy Power Morpher, decorated to resemble the Dino Buckler from the series. The toy, while sharing a mold with the Power Morpher, has a whole new soundboard with transformation sounds from both Zyuranger as well as Geki’s transformation in the Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters film. Included with the toy is unfortunately only the Tyrannosaurus Guardian Beast Medal, a holster for the Dino Buckler, as well as an all new exclusive accessory, a Dino Crystal. It’s worth noting that customized Legacy Power Morphers were used as props in the Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters movie, so this is like owning a prop from the film! Regardless if you own the Legacy Power Morpher or not, Zyuranger fans shouldn’t pass this up.

The Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler is a Premium Bandai Exclusive. Once stock is gone, it will not be available again.

Vendor: Bandai

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