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4-Mode Change Sword DX Gan Gun Saber

Condition: USED but Excellent condition. Expect minor scratches. Light & Sound Tested. 
By: Bandai

Date Released: October, 2015
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Ghost
Toy Line: DX Ghost Eyecon Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS

DX Gan Gun Saber
DX Musashi Ghost Eyecon

Batchirimina! Kaigan! Every Rider (at least most of them!) needs a weapon! Ghost is lucky enough to have four-in-one! the DX Gan Gun Saber starts in Blade Mode for Ore Damashii, a double bladed sword weapon. Pressing the trigger creates a slashing sound and makes the main blade glow via an orange LED. Pop off the secondary blade and flip it around for Gun Mode, used by Edison Damashii. Pressing the trigger creates a shooting sound and makes the main blade glow via a yellow LED. Removing the secondary blade and unfolding it creates the Two Sword Mode, used by Musashi Damashii. Pressing the trigger creates a new slash sound and makes the main blade glow via a red LED. Finally, folding the secondary blade back up and attaching it to the bottom to create the Naginata Mode. Pressing the trigger creates another new slashing sound and makes the main blade glow via a blue LED (even though Newton Damashii doesn’t use the weapon). In all four forms, bringing the eye icon up to the eye on the Ghost Driver will initiate the final attack. Omega Break for Blade Mode, Omega Shoot for Gun mode, Omega Slash for Two Sword Mode, and Omega Stream for Naginata Mode. This toy is also fully compatible with the upcoming Ghost Gadget Series of toys to transform into even more different weapons! With four built in modes, and more via the gadgets, the Gan Gun Saber is the most expansive weapon we’ve had in quite a while. Included is the Musashi Ghost Eyecon, which lets the user transform with the Musashi Damashii via the DX Ghost Driver.



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Vendor: Bandai

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