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[LOOSE] Kamen Rider Gaim: DX Hinawa Daidai DJ Gun & DX Musou Saber & Melon Lock Seed Set

[LOOSE] Kamen Rider Gaim: DX Hinawa Daidai DJ Gun & DX Musou Saber & Melon Lock Seed Set

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Condition: USED. Excellent Condition but Expect Minor Scratches & Wear. Light & Sound Tested. 
By: Bandai
Date Released: March, 2014
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Gaim
Toy Line: DX Lock Seed
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS
Requires 3 AAA Batteries Not Included

-DX Hinawa Daidai DJ Gun
-DX Musou Saber & Melon Lock Seed

The Kachidoki Lock Seed gives Gaim the powerful Hinawa Daidai DJ Juu, otherwise known to many as the DJ Gun, a matchlock shotgun like weapon that certainly packs a musical punch. Scratch the turntable on the side to initiate the start of an attack. Turn the “speed” dial on the side to get a faster beat, and a stronger attack! The Kachidoki Lock Seed (or any other Lock Seed) can be attached to charge the attack for an even stronger finish. The DJ Gun can also combine with the Musou Saber to form an incredibly hefty sword creatively titled “Daiken Mode.” This sends the Musou Saber into a spiral, announcing an “insanely big number” as Gaim’s powerful final attack grows. To extend this weapon even further, attach this combo to the Daidaimaru for an even stronger and longer weapon. Don’t miss out on your chance to scratch up this latest and greatest Gaim weapon!



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