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Kyuranger: DX Saiko Kyutama


DX Saiko Kyutama


By: Bandai
Date Released: September 2017
Franchise: Super Sentai
Series: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Ships via: Registered SAL, Registered Airmail, or EMS

• DX Saiko Kyutama

Yosha Lucky! With the neverending spirit of Lucky, and the strength of Orion, the Saiko Kyutama is born, allowing Lucky to transform into Shishi Red Orion! The Saiko Kyutama is a larger Kyutama with a spinning ring around the globe of the toy. Via a button on the top of the Kyutama, several sounds can be activated without the Seiza Blaster. Inserting it into the Seiza Blaster however will enable the Change, Attack, Go, and Docking features. Various attacks can be used based around the nine main Kyuranger. The Go feature will summon the Battle Orion Ship. Docking will transform it into the Orion Battler. Finally after the robot is formed, there is an additional attack sound.

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