Kamen Rider Saber: DX Ankokuken Kurayami & Jaken Calibur Driver & KR Cariber Jaou Dragon Perfect Set


[NOTE #1] This size of this item's outer box is much larger than what we have in our office and we have no choice but to open it and fold the outer box and pack in the one that fits everything as shown in the picture. 

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The evil Kamen Rider Calibur has his own transformation gear! Featured is the DX Jaken Calibur Driver, a small buckle Driver that has room to slot in one Wonder Rider Book. A button is pressed on the top of the Driver to open the book and transform. In tandem, Calibur uses the Ankokuken Kurayami as his sword. It functions similar to the sword portion of the Seiken Sworddriver, being able to scan Wonder Ride Books and initiate attacks with them, usually adding "Jaaku" in front of the book's subject such as "Jaaku Lion" and "Jaaku Ninja". It can also read the Legend Rider Wonder Ride Books, converting it into one of the series villains, such as saying "Magia" when the Zero-One Book is scanned! Included is the DX Jaaku Dragon Wonder Ride Book.

The Ankokuken Kurayami cannot fit into the Seiken Sworddriver.

Calibur powers up with an all-new oversized Wonder Ride Book known as the Jaou Dragon Wonder Ride Book! As the name suggests, it's an upgraded form of Calibur's standard Jaaku Dragon, and now features a larger double-sided appearance when opened. If the Wonder Ride Books are novels, think of this as one of those novel collection books. As with all books used with Calibur's transformation device, scan the book with the sword, then plug it into the belt, hitting the button to open it up. It has a neat dragon face inside of it! Despite being huge, it can still be used in the Seiken Sworddriver as well!


By: Bandai
Date Released: November 2020
Franchise: Kamen Rider
Show: Kamen Rider Saber
Toy Line: DX Wonder Ride Book
Ships via: EMS


  • DX Ankokuken Kurayami
  • DX Jaken Calibur Driver
  • DX Jaaku Dragon Wonder Ride Book
  • DX Jaou Dragon Wonder Ride Book

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