Kamen Rider OOO Capsule Toy O-MEDAL 7 Complete Set


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This is Kamen Rider OOO Capsule Toy O-MEDAL 7 Complete Set.

This contains 11 O-Medals including 3 rare medals.

1. Lion core   2. Kujaku core  3. Condor core  4. Etarnal
5. Ixa save mode  6. Ixa burst mode (rare) 7. Xeronos altair form
8. Xeronos Xeronos form (rare) 9. Urataros Imagine
10. Agito Trinity form (rare)  11. Agito Burning form

[NOTICE] To save shipping cost and energy, we no longer send the plastic capsule container 
for Gashapon merchandises anymore. If you need to obtain these, you need to order for them separately.
The Price is free, however we charge for the shipping and handling. And these plastic capsules must be purchased
at the same time you purchase the item inside of the capsules. We do not sell the capsules separately.

Vendor: Bandai

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